Monday, August 22, 2011

Police Numbers and Curfew Measures

(For article on T & T's limited state of emergency click here)

Police Numbers and curfew details below:
Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force will have powers of
arrest as well as the power to search and seize without a search
warrant; they will work either independently or with members of the
police service;

. The limited State of Emergency will be for a period of 15 days and
will be reviewed daily.

. Persons who must be on the streets during the curfew hours must
secure a permit from the police station nearest to their home;

- Companies whose employees must be on the road should apply for permits
from the Police Headquarters at Sackville Street; Acting Police
Commissioner Williams said all those who need permits should have them
by 6 pm today (Monday); He advised persons to also have two forms of
identification and police and soliders have been advised to exercise
discretion and leniency; As a precaution, persons should have two
forms of identification on their person;

. Persons travelling to the airport should obtain a permit; a booth
will be set up next to the domestic terminal of the Piarco
International Airport to process permits for those travelling out of
the airport;

. An inter-ministerial team comprising the Attorney General Anand
Ramlogan; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communications Dr.
Surujrattan Rambachan; Leader of the Government Business in the House
of Representatives and Minister of Housing and the Environment Dr.
Roodal Moonilal and Leader of Government Business in the Senate,
Minister of Public Utilities Emmanuel George  has been set up to
oversee the Independence celebrations during the limited State of

. If you have to access hospitals and other health facilities, use the
normal routes and police and soliders will exercise discretion;

. Persons arrested during the limited State of Emergency can be held
for up to 24 hours and a senior officer has the authority to detain
the person for a further seven days;

. No bail for those arrested during the period; discussions will be
held with the Chief Justice to set up a tribunal to hear greivances;

. Allegations of police brutality will not be treated lightly; police
and soldiers will approach their duties in a mature and sensible
manner and law abiding citizens have nothing to fear during this

. Persons with information about criminal activity are urged to share
the information with the authorities;

. The limited State of Emergency is not about the deprivation of human
rights but about restoration of all human rights to citizens;

Telephone Contacts for Police Service
PABX connecting all offices 624-4140
Northern Division- 640-8854/ 643-1223
North Eastern Division- 625-3283/ 624-4316
Eastern Division- 668-2542/ 668-3377
Central Division- 665-5324/636-2559
Western Division- 628-8377/ 628-0817
Southern Division- 653-8258/ 652-2032
South Western Division- 649-2343/ 649-0166


Lynn Cohen said...

what the hey is going on there???
I hope you don't have to travel anywhere and have no emergencies during this time.

Elspeth said...

The State of Emergency, starting tonight, is Government's move to do something to deal with spiraling crime. We are all at home.

Lynn Cohen said...

I saw the link and went there. The article is of interest and the people's responses even more so.
A huge problem not so easily solved, yes?

Elspeth said...

Not easily solved at all . . . but at least, hopefully not to get worse.

Karen from Chookooloonks said...