Thursday, December 22, 2011

40 copies of Daisy Chain

Yesterday I went to deliver the 40 copies of Daisy Chain which NALIS purchased. 4 will go to the Heritage Library and the rest will be distributed through other NALIS branches in T & T.

I sat at the desk of the person I was dealing with and personalized each copy with a word or short message and my signature. The young lady told me that most authors just drop off their books and go, and that it was a nice touch to sign them. She had a copy of her own on the desk and got me to sign that as well.

I love signing Daisy Chain. I love the the thought of some unknown person picking it up, seeing the signature and the message and feeling as though they are being personally invited through a little door in the paper. . . "Come in. I've been waiting for you . . ." or in the case of Daisy Chain:  "we've been waiting for you."

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