Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who are you out there?

Early morning sun through my bedroom window
This blog is like a window. You can see in to me (as much as I reveal on any given day) but I don't really see you. I "see" some people, like Lynn and Param Atma . . . and I know there are people who read the blog but don't leave comments here. They may email or say something in person.

But I often think it would be nice to know something of whoever else is out there checking in regularly or from time to time. Even if just for today, will you introduce yourself and say a little something?


Lynn Cohen said...

I guess I don't need to as I am an open book (on my blog and in life too pretty much). So I'll just say finding you and yours has been and continues to be such a treat!

I hope others will reveal themselves to you more and widen the world for you and for all of us who visit here.

Elspeth said...

Yes, it would be nice to hear the voice & perspectives of others.