Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beautiful Stranger

On Friday morning as I sat at my laptop, something caught my attention through the side of my eye—a small shadow flapping behind the curtain. It looked like a feather. On closer inspection, I noticed it was a butterfly. Liking the way its shadow looked through the blue voile-like material, I quickly got my Canon Elph from my bag and began to shoot the above video.

As you read this post, I am in Tobago without my laptop. But I am writing it now (Saturday morning) and scheduling it to appear on Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

excellent footage. The butterfly can still fly - even though it has 2 partially broken wings.

Elspeth said...

I noticed that too. The broken wings perfectly reflect each other. Makes me wonder if Jasper got at it and had a nibble.

Kelly M said...

I wonder if that is a Scarlet Peacock butterfly. Some butterflies cover thousands of miles in their migrations. Who knows where this one has been?!