Thursday, December 1, 2011


I want to rephrase something I wrote on my blog post last night about having to order and then "waaaaaaaaaaaaait" for a new cable release for my camera.

I woke up this morning and Florence Scovel Shinn popped into my mind. I blogged about her a few days ago. She is all about the power of the word. "Your word is your wand," she says. This is very true. We aren't always aware of the impact of our words in shaping our life's reality. There are some phrases we utter, often habitually, which can negate us, negate others, negate situations . . . often without us even realizing it.

Becoming more conscious of our words (and our thoughts), we begin to transform our existence. This may be easier for some than for others. It takes varying degrees of conscious effort and repetition to make the shift and start seeing changes.

Instead of saying "I have to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait" for my cable release, I'm saying: "I look forward to receiving a wonderful new cable release for my camera before the end of 2011."

If you are interested in having mp3s of one of Florence's books, check out this link.  You can download the audio files and burn them to CD or put them on your ipod—to listen while walking, jogging, while stuck in traffic, while doing things around the house, cooking, etc.


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