Thursday, May 14, 2009

Raw Yogic Picnic to celebrate my 1st anniversary

A green pepper stuffed with raw hummus and topped with walnut sits on a bed of salad made with various vegetables
(From the 2008 archives)
Time flies. Sunday 17 May 2009 will be my one year anniversary of being a rawist. On 17 May 2008 I embarked upon the raw food lifestyle. So you could say I am no longer a raw baby, but have grown into a raw toddler. It has been a positively transforming, learning experience on many levels.

Sunday also happens to be the day I teach my yoga class ... so I've decided to combine the two events.

Instead of having yoga from 5 - 6:30 p.m. as usual, we will have it from 10 a.m. We will continue to work on the chakra & electromagnetic field exercises. After the class we will celebrate by feasting on a few simple raw edibles which I will prepare for the occasion.

I'm mentioning this now in case anyone reading it (i.e. who isn't one of my regular yoga students) wants to attend the class and the raw yogic picnic. I need to know how many are coming so I will know how much to prepare for consumption.

If interested and serious, please contact me by email to find out more about the class. Don't be concerned about it being your first class. I will explain what is necessary before we begin and you will do what you can manage physically. Guaranteed to be a great experience.

Sat nam



Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Raw Anniversary.
Please share what changes have transpired for you physically, emotionally, otherwise, from doing this new way of eating for one year. I am interested to hear.
Have a fun picnic.

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Lynn. Re changes ... pretty much the same things I listed at the end of my first raw post: ...

The Wanderer said...

If I lived there I would definitely come to this event!!

Elspeth said...

You can come in spirit. I'll prepare something for you as if you are there and there will be space for you in the class.


Yogic picnic!

This rawist concept is quite interesting...though I don't know how much you savor the taste.. but I appreciate that you are on the verge of completing one year..that's a great austerity I believe..

Elspeth said...

Taste buds change ... you'll begin to taste the natural flavours of foods more.