Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Dream Tree and a prayer for a friend's freedom

Everyone who was there for today's planting of the Dream Tree unanimously agreed that the experience was fantastic. Too fantastic to put into too many words. Smeared in cool mud after digging the hole to plant the dreams and tree in.
Circle of friends holding the flattened clay which we used to make the vessel for the dreams.
View from the spot where we planted the Dream Tree (with dreams) and its companion tree, which we named The Protector.
The dreams in the clay vessel/hole, just before we covered them with earth and planted the Dream Tree over them. I included the heart which had been on the Dream House window lamp. After all, dreams come from the heart.

For those who were unable to make it: see more photos (with captions) from the Dream Tree event here.
Closing prayer
After planting the trees, before leaving the mountain, we all sat in silence for a few minutes, meditated and sent out positive vibrations, prayers and light for a friend of ours, Phillipa, who was kidnapped yesterday. May God watch over her, keep her safe, bring strength and comfort to her family and those who love her and ensure her swift freedom.


Gary said...

This mud appears to be pure gold, so you're showing us a golden thumb. For sure all the dreams of the heart will multiply soon!
And may Phillipa be safe.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Dream Tree

I like

Big dreams I have had - inspired by trees

And they have taught me much

I hope your dreams touch the Tree spirit and come back as reminders to us all

In Dreams anew

Lynn said...

Elspeth, I was caught up in your joy of your dream tree ceremony enjoying it along with you when I felt slapped with this tragic news of your friends being kidnapped?
I went to the link only to learn this is not unusal? Dear God how awful, how frightening, how yes, disgusting as someone said...What is this about? Is it done for money only? Is it political?
I do not understand. Are these people returned/set free after money is given, unharmed?
I cannot even imagine.
I pray she is safe and these crimminals caught and justice done.

Elspeth said...

Disgusting is not the word.

Anonymous said...

how to keep hope when there is so much negativity around is, among us,
the truth is, we cannot keep hope,
only share it
continue sharing spec..

human being said...

and our dreams need care to grow...
an everyday attention...
your tree is there to remind us all of this...