Saturday, May 23, 2009

The beginnings of my Mystic Intervention piece

Two days ago I sat under the sapodilla tree at the bottom of the garden and began working on one aspect of my piece for Mystic Intervention. It's the same tree under which I started working on "The Dream House" last year. Note the dry earth (Dry Season).
Remember this? Click here to see what it looked like when I first hung it up under the sapodilla tree. Nature has had Her way with it since then.Pippa ... doing some artwork of her own.Two sapodilla seeds at the heart of the piece. The "20" is the price of the clay saucer I used as the base.
Nag Champa to set the mood.
One of my two bags of clay (Red Earth ... just like the Festival)
Looks like Pippa and I are having a raw picnic. Our pie looks really earthy and wholesome.About to begin, using my natural 'pen' to draw my lines ...
I didn't use my DSLR "Synchronicity" to take these pics. I used my old Canon, Love Bee, since it would have been getting covered in clay.

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Kimberlie said...

I enjoy seeing your creative process documented. Thanks.