Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two 30" Red Earth/Mystic Intervention ads

Rather than have the same thirty second ads running over and over for Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival 2009, I suggested that we invite different people to create twenty seconds worth of video (relevant to the environment/the festival). Gayelle would then add a ten second information tag and Red Earth logos to make each 20" video/short film into an ad. The idea was for television viewers to be experience a kind of little film festival, rather than 'ads' during commercial breaks. However, not many people bit at this opportunity and there are only three short-film-ads.

My two offerings are below (specific to Mystic Intervention, which is part of the Red Earth Festival). The other piece was a lovely stop animation piece was created by Kitt Joseph. I will share it once they've uploaded it.

Ad #1 (30 seconds)
Music & Video: Elspeth Duncan
10" tag and logos: Gayelle

Ad #2 (3o seconds)
Music & Video: Elspeth Duncan
10" tag and logos: Gayelle


Lynn Cohen said...

Im not sure what mystic earth or red earth is...and the videos didn't help me understand it better. Sorry. Is there sound? I didn't hear anything.
I liked the visuals with the leaves being swept.
I must be out to lunch.

Elspeth said...

Thanks for your honesty. Nothing to be sorry about. Yes there is sound. Red Earth is an eco-arts festival. Mystic Intervention is an interactive art event which is a part of the festival. The videos aren't meant to explain in depth. They are like teasers to arouse interest or curiosity, maybe even mood - and impart some basic information like date, time, place and availability of tickets. There is other supporting advertising for Red Earth Festival which places this in the context of the whole.

Lynn Cohen said...

I came back to try again after realizing the reason I didn't hear anything prior was my DH had ear phones plugged into the no sound coming out the way I was used to hearing it.

Much nicer with music and the swishing sounds of the bottom one.

I have tagged you on my blog if you'd like to do a's at the bottom of my Monday Post. Come see.