Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earthy, primal and organic

Came back inside and noticed this sapodilla leaf dangling from my hair like a natural earring.
I haven't done all of my 'things to do' for today.

Way too hot to wash/clean out the car. That will have to be done early in the a.m. or later in the p.m. Maybe tomorrow.

Haven't paid my phone bill. Will do tomorrow.

Haven't yet gone to register for French conversational. Will do in a short while. Waiting for school traffic to clear a bit.

I spent most of the morning under the sapodilla tree at the bottom of the garden (with Pippa keeping me company) ... working on the physical part of one aspect of my interactive piece for Mystic Intervention.

This part of my piece is made of clay. It looks and feels very earthy, primal and organic. I'll share it gradually with you over the next few days leading up to Mystic Intervention (30 May, 2009).

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