Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday's bill payments ... and a 'suncookie'

Yesterday none of the three stationery stores I went into had fluorescent pink Post-Its, so I ended up buying bright green ones to attach messages to the bills I was paying.
My credit card bill payment
My internet bill payment
Later that day, as I drove to French conversational class (a new 6-week course we're doing with a woman from France called Aurelie), I actually found myself wondering with anticipation when next I would get a bill. Amazing that something as simple as Post-It notes can transform the bill payment process from a reluctant groan to an exciting event ... for me and perhaps also for the person processing the payment.

In other news, yesterday's heat was harsh. When electricity went off for the second time, I had just started dehydrating a batch of crackers (flax, sunflower, chive, onion, garlic). I took a piece and left it lightly wrapped (so birds wouldn't pick at it) in the sun on top of my car trunk. Within two hours, what was once a wet, spreadable mass, was quite firm to the touch.

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Anonymous said...

Car Dried Crackers......!!!!!