Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For lunch yesterday I had 'leftovers' from Sunday's Raw Yogic picnic.

What you're seeing in the image is a salad containing snow peas, lettuce, cucumber, celery, olives, tomatoes, parsley, chive, chadon beni.

The kidney looking things in the lower left corner are soaked cashew nuts coated in masala and dehydrated until just before the point of crunchiness.

The crumbly whitish-yellowish thing on top the salad is a delicious sprinkle of finely chopped cashews, garlic and sea salt.

The yellowish dollop to the left of it is some raw apple curry dressing.

The brown, wholesome looking pieces to the front right are my flax/sunflower/chive 'bread'. They are the consistency of burger patties and they are flexible. I didn't dehydrate them to the point of crunchiness (then they would be crackers). Some are the thickness of granola bars, others are flatter. They add great texture, body and taste.

The whole thing is bursting with all kinds of flavours, textures and colours. I think what would top it off is a slight touch of grated ginger mixed into either the salad or the apple curry dressing.



This looks scrumptious but you might feel sorry to hear that I'm a carnivore :(

Although I like fruits and selected vegetables..

Elspeth said...

No, I don't feel sorry to hear that you're a carnivore. We all have our preferences. But I would feel sorry for your meat ... or what once was your meat.


Ha ha ha..yeah!

But there must be some balance..if the world is full of grass and leave eaters then what will happen to all animals and plants..

Plants also have lives and they are much weaker than us...so I protect them by not eating them..just joking...

Everything is in balance..

Lots of love from your carnivore brother

Elspeth said...

My carnivorous Brother, yes, everything is naturally in balance. Even if humans weren't around, there would still be animals eating plants and each other. There would even be plants eating animals (Venus Fly Trap). Humans take the world out of balance - greed and excess.

Lynn Cohen said...

Your photos are as nummy looking as the food itself. Enjoy!
B'ta a von=Hebrew for "Good Appetite".

Anonymous said...

This looks so enticing! Your colon must love you.