Friday, February 19, 2010

Bat cave adventure

Yesterday I went to Tamana Caves for the second time. With me were my friend Nicola, Pascal (a visiting French photographer/new friend) and Ivan, our tour guide. An easy hike through the forest (approx. 45 minutes, stopping to look at things) took us to our destination. The Tamana Caves are estimated to contain more than 3 million bats. At 6 p.m. daily they fly out in a mass exodus which lasts about an hour or more.
Me and Nicola in the cave
Some of the bats in the cave. The caves, filled with millions more bats, go really deep ... too deep for us to reach.
(l. to r.) Bat, Nicola, me, Pascal
Some of the bats beginning to emerge from the depths of the cave at 6 p.m. They pass so close that the air from their wings is constantly wafting against your skin. An intriguing experience.


Lynn Cohen said...

WOW!!! What an experience.

Henry V came home limping this morning...a quick run to the vets found nothing...guess is a muscle pull. He came home and went to bed.
Send good thoughts. Know you will.
How's Jasper?

Elspeth said...

Hmm, Henry's been busy! Swift recovery, Henry. Jasper is fine. Sleeping next to me right now.