Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can't buy me Love

Melting: from my ice tray for making heart shaped "cubes"

Yesterday I went into a store that sells local art and I was looking around. After a few minutes, the woman who owns the store said: "So what kind of art do you give to the art world?"

When I told her, she said: "Yes. I can see the creativity clearly in the aura."

We chatted for a while and, all the time, my eye kept going to a heart-shaped section of wood - cut from a tree trunk. It was standing on top of a shelf.

I figured it wasn't for sale, but when I was leaving, I still asked her if it was. She smiled, blushed slightly and said: "No, that's not for sale. It's a gift to me from a secret admirer."

She told me of all the gifts she had ever received from men, this section from the heart-shaped tree trunk was the best. Even the diamond studded heart pendant she had received from one man could never compare.

"Can't buy me Love," I said.

She pointed to a crack running from the top of the heart crease towards its centre and said that the secret admirer had indicated that his heart was broken.

I told her that I had noticed the crack, but that to me it didn't look like the heart was breaking. It looked like it was splitting open because it was getting bigger and creating room to let more in.

"Yes. Growth," she said.


Tresa said...

Beautiful! :) You're always SOOOO "right on" E! I love ya my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

What a neat exchange!