Friday, February 5, 2010

Give sweet, raw Love for Valentine's Day

Tongue Lingers: A gift you won't get anywhere else.

While every day is a day for Love, February 14th is THE day on which many the world over celebrate Love with others ... whether openly or as a 'secret admirer'.

Last year I worked in a friend's flower shop on Valentine's Day (you can read about that here. It was both hilarious and upsetting). I was shocked to see the amount of money (hundreds to thousands of dollars) being either casually or frantically forked out of men's pockets ... to buy flowers for their women (or men), who clearly expected nothing less than a massive, expensive display of commercial "Love". Otherwise, there would be trouble.

Interestingly, very few women were in the store purchasing blooms.

Special Offer
If you are inclined to express your Love commercially for Valentine's Day 2010, forget the cliché red hearts, cheesy stuffed toys, balloons and expensive flower bouquets.

Place your order today for custom made wholesome, irreststable, raw "Tongue Lingers". The name alone promises that your Beloved will enjoy this all natural treat.

- a 100% natural, original, delectable blend of sunflower seeds, dates, carob, cinnamon, coconut and Love
- Unique personalised packaging, created specifically for your Beloved is guaranteed to delight
- Special love notes included

For more details and to place your order(s) by Sunday 7 February 2010, please call me at 786-2539.

N.B. Maximum of five orders only (special limited edition) for 2010. First come, first served.

Deliveries or collections will be made before or on Thursday 11 February to avoid Carnival traffic. Tongue Lingers can be (should be) stored in the fridge until you are ready to give to your Beloved.


Tresa said...

Elspeth, Will you deliver to L.A. California PLEASSSSEEE????? ;)

Elspeth said...

You'll have to come and get it. I don't have a visa, remember?