Sunday, June 19, 2011

New is necessary

Butterfly eggs on kitchen window
One thing the death of Hindi illuminated for me is that there are things, people, situations and ways of being which, even though current, can actually be considered dead.

Often, we habitually hold on to these 'dead' things without realising their time has passed. Comfort zones. Hiding places. A dead job, a dead relationship, a dead place, a dead habit . . . things we do, places we frequent and people with whom we associate who no longer serve us or contribute to our development.

Why do we hold on?

When Hindi died, I was holding her against me. I felt when the prana (life force) left her body.  Once prana leaves the body, we are no longer alive. Even if I'd wanted to, nothing I did could not have stopped or reversed the dying process. Likewise, there are things in life that we cannot resuscitate once their time has passed . . . even though we may try to.

In that experience I had no choice but to see letting go as necessity, unavoidability, opportunity.

The time is here. Let go of whoever and whatever no longer serves us.


Be new.

For Sunday Scribblings (first time I'm doing it in ages)


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by the wisdom you gleaned from such a harsh experience. I can think of a lot of dead things that I need to let go.

Jae Rose said...

Yes, very hard..but I can see that letting go is as important as holding on..Jae

Altonian said...

It is that comment, 'let go of whatever or whoever no longer serves us' that I have to take exception to. What a mean, selfish and self-centered attitude.
Very up-to-date and fashionable to have this 'built in obsolescence' syndrome. No use any more? Dump it! Can't agree!

Elspeth said...

Thanks for your honesty, Old Altonian. While I get where you're coming from, the way you perceive my statement is not how I do. Letting go, from my perspective, means detaching. It does not mean getting rid of in a selfish, self-centred way. I often get rid of old clothes, objects and shoes so that they can be used by someone else. When it comes to people and situations, I let go, let God. No one is ever of "no use". But sometimes we (humans) invest a lot of energy in people and things which aren't really in our best interest at the time. When I find myself in that kind of situation, even though it may not always be easy to do, I prefer to let go.

Jingle said...

the pain of loss is hard to erase.

well penned story.