Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thou Art Yoga crossword

The crossword generator didn't give me a link to paste to the crossword, so I had to take a screenshot. Click on the image to enlarge. 

2. Which body relates to the Soul (5 letters)
6. Translate: I call upon Infinite Creative Consciousness
8. Your protective mind (8)
9. A group of sounds, syllables or words with transforming power (6)
10. The amount of days to make or break a habit (5)
12. Thou Art Yoga's pre-paid consecutive class discount card (8)
14. Kundalini energy is envisioned as this animal (5)
15. Kundalini Yoga balances this body system (9)

1. Your projective mind (10)
3. Where Thou Art yoga's Tuesday class is held (6)
4. Where you can join the Thou Art Yoga page for updates and info (8)
5. Kundalini Yoga strengthens this body system (7)
7. The amount of bodies we have (3)
9. A hand position that locks and guides energy to the brain (5)
11. 3 minutes of this breath cleanses the body of toxins (12)
13. Another name for the electromagnetic field surrounding the body (4)

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