Friday, June 17, 2011

A time to be born, a time to die

Today is mummy's birthday. Happy Birthday (again), Mummy.

Today is also the day that my beloved Hindi left this dimension and entered a new one. What can really be said? Her body was not her. Her Spirit is now somewhere else—romping, creating mischief, looking for holes in fences, breaking rules, eating everything in sight, courageously being Miss Independent and wagging her paintbrush tail while doing all of the above.

Hindi, you will definitely be missed. Thank you for the love and lessons you shared with me from the time we first met on the steps of the Temple in the Sea on Independence Day (or more aptly . . . Hindipendence Day) 1999.

May Dog Heaven find a way to keep up with you.


Kris Loya said...

she definitely is in doggytopia causing trouble :)
Sweet girl.

The Sole Sisters Collective said...

Ahh, missing your sweet dog with you Elspeth.

happy b-day to your mummy.