Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daisy Love . . . and stay tuned!

I have an exciting announcement to make re Daisy Chain. Stay tuned to find out on Friday.

Meanwhile, here's a new review posted on by one reader, Shireen:

Truly a magical experience from cover to cover. The author links each character to the next in a seamless transition, ensuring that you never want to put this book down. 

The Daisy Chain kept me company for a few minutes each morning, the chapters are kept short, so you can enjoy them a couple at a time, sometimes unable to just read so few of them. Elspeth has a magical way of letting you truly "live" the essence of each character and directly identify with some of them. A great companion and a must read! My only complaint is that it ended.  Definitely 2 thumbs up and I can't wait for more from this creative and unique author!

To purchase Daisy Chain at please click here.

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