Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jesus catching stars

Click on image to see it in more detail.

Practice makes perfect. I would love to truly understand how to get great star trail shots.

Last night I went to take more star trail photos, up at Mount St. Benedict. Here's an account of my first star trail attempt (on Sunday night in Santa Cruz), if you missed it.

Last night's attempt didn't yield much. But I got two photos of a Jesus statue against the sky. It was a hazy, somewhat cloudy night and, even though we were up on the mountain with the lights of the monastery at a distance, there was still some light pollution from the lowlands, etc. It's hard to escape light pollution nowadays.

When I close my eyes now I see star trails. Imagine, even if we stood completely still, we would still be moving . . . simply because the earth is.

On a completely different note, lately I've been getting lots of spam comments. I notified Blogger about it but it hasn't stopped. In fact it has increased.

If anyone is reading this and knows how to  get rid of the spam/spammers, please let me know.


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