Monday, November 28, 2011

Nocturnal Experiments

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I've always wanted to shoot star trails. Last night was my first attempt at it. Star trails are not formed by stars moving, but by the earth moving while the camera is fixed on a certain point in the sky for X amount of time. The trails I captured last night were short because my exposures weren't that long. If you click here and look at these images online you'll see some more dramatic examples.

N.B. For the above shot I applied some contrast in Photoshop to emphasize the trails a bit. This altered the sky colour somewhat. There was some cloud cover and even though far from "civilization", there was still a bit of light pollution. A darker, clearer sky with longer exposure times would have produced more definite results.
Also tried my hand at some light drawing, using a long enough camera exposure to allow me to trace outlines around friends using a small torchlight. As you can see, my body wasn't picked up in the image because I was moving fairly quickly.
I'm going to keep practising, so stay tuned to see me get better at this.

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Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Keep on keeping on, practice makes perfect.