Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Firefly trails

Tonight I used the timer on the camera and experimented with firefly trails (instead of star trails)—from fireflies in the field next door. I couldn't use my cable release. It has conked out on me ... just as I'm getting hooked on long exposure photography. I need to get a new one pronto.

However . . . one of the frustrating things about living in Trinidad is that nowhere really sells a wide range of professional camera equipment and accessories. As far as I know, David's Filmvue is the closest you can get, but they rarely have what I need.

I order all of my equipment from B&H Photo Video. Because we have to pay on camera equipment being brought in to Trinidad, usually I wait until I travel or someone I know is traveling and can bring in the equipment. Otherwise I would end up paying a massive amount on top of the actual price.

Today was a grey, dark day and I wanted to go and experiment with long exposures. But for this I would have wanted my cable release and a neutral density filter (I want a 10+). Had I been in Toronto I could have nipped around to Henry's and bought them.

But . . . now I have to order online and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait.

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