Monday, September 8, 2008

Lead us not into that maxi

Unfortunately the name of the maxi isn't too clear in this photo which I snapped quickly when I realised what was happening.

Yesterday, in pursuit of information and vibes for an article I have to write for a magazine, I ended up in Tortuga, where I experienced a pilgrimage and service in celebration of The Feast of Our Lady of Montserrat (officially today), the black Madonna with child to whom the old church in Tortuga is dedicated.

I walked amidst the pilgrims as they followed the statue of Our Lady of Montserrat who was being driven through the streets on top of a 4 wheel drive vehicle. There was a car driving in front of it with a woman on a microphone talking, praying and singing hymns. At one point, she said the Lord's prayer ... and soon after she had said "and lead us not into temptation ..." what should come driving along in the other direction but a maxi called TEMPTATION!

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meadysmusings said...

Isnt it weird how that happens too when people are watching TV like if you are talking or even saying a word out loud while talking to yourself for a sec or reading and then the other word they say on TV is usually the world you just said!? What's that about? I've often wondered bout this since I was <12...others told me yea its a thing that happens...I just found it weird they didnt want to know more or to check more into it...perhaps the intention experiment might be doing such research for once! I also find it amusing that some scientist do such poor research on stuff like this like when they said the whole milk drinking murtis throughout the hindu world was as a result of capillary action?!