Wednesday, September 10, 2008

While in traffic ...

Stuck in traffic the other day behind PERSISTENT FAITH.

Tonzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of traffic these days, not to mention heat. I have to head out this morning to be near Moka (not Cherrymoka, if you're reading this - and congrats again) ... for a meeting (to interview someone for an article) at 9:00. This is prime traffic time from East to West. I will use an affirmation. Traffic is a great place to try out affirmations and see them work.

Once I was driving home and, fed up of the traffic, I said: "The traffic clears miraculously and I am home by X time." Within a few minutes, the cars ahead started to move forward and everything flowed from there. Turned out that we were being kept back by a truck digging the road (at peak traffic hour). Once we had passed that, the roads were clear. I was indeed home by X time ... in fact X time on the dot.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the airport to collect a friend. She landed at 3 p.m. and I did not get there until 4:00 (having left home at 2:30-ish or just before). Traffic for miles, not even moving! And people driving badly, rushing and squeezing to get in or out and causing more pile ups. As I reached a junction in the Tacarigua area, I said: "The traffic clears miraculously and I flow easily to the airport. Now." Next thing you know, within about one minute the cars ahead of me started to move, kept moving (with a brief stop or two at a light or junction) and I did 'flow' through to the airport.

So whenever stuck in traffic, why not use the time to say affirmations? ... not just for the roads, but for life.


Lynn Cohen said...

Why didnt you say it sooner?

Elspeth said...

I didn't think of it sooner.