Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Raw dreams and a mysterious nocturnal experience

The above image comes from this site. Take a look at their decadent desserts.
Last night I had a delicious raw dream followed by a mysterious experience.

I dreamed someone made a huge raw chocolate cake for me and I was eating a massive slice. I was fully enjoying it, actually experiencing the tastes and textures ... in fascinated disbelief. It was a "wow" moment, as I have never made a raw cake of my own and never tasted one 'in real life'. The one in the dream was towering, impressive and delicious and the experience of eating it in the dream was authentic. Even now as I am awake writing this, I am still tasting it, as though what I tasted in the dream is embedded in my gastronomical memory.

I am not aware of the order of the night's events, so I can't be sure if the 'mysterious experience' happened before or after the raw dream. I was awoken at some point in what felt like the early morning by the sound of music playing loudly. I slowly came to my senses, my eyes opening to the dark room ... and to the sound of the yoga CD that was in my CD player, playing loudly! I lay there in a half-asleep daze, listening as the Mul Mantra (track #1) played. It took me a while before I woke up enough to realise: "Hold on a minute ... there's no-one in my room but me ... and I was asleep. Who turned on the CD?"

There's no 'logical' way that it can play unless someone presses PLAY with their fingers. But clearly something had made it play, even though it had been off when I went to sleep. It also sounded like the volume had been turned up, because it was sounding louder than I'd had it playing the day before (perhaps because the night was so quiet?) I got out of bed to turn down the volume, just as the healing mantra, RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG (track #2) came on. Playing softly in the background, it put me back to sleep.

(N.B. For those of you who don't know Ra Ma Da Sa, there are various versions - all of them soothing. Have a listen to this lovely rendition by Snatam Kaur):


Lynn Cohen said...

I cannot look at this photo.
It is something no longer in my life.
I am going now.
I will come back later with blinders on to read the rest of what you wrote...

Now I must go make my healthy lunch and go to work and not think of sinful things.

Elspeth said...

But Lynn, you CAN look at this photo. It is a raw chocolate cake. It won't pack on any pounds.

Lynn Cohen said...

a client who recently lost his young wife just asked me today if I believed in spirits, as he felt her and smelled her recently since her "passing". Food for thought.
as for the cake my next question is does it contain refined sugar? I am not eating refined sugar either. So no flour? I will have to check out the site further later when I have more time.
Still looks so yummy.

Elspeth said...

No sugar or flour. Those are not raw.

Lynn Cohen said...

I finally had time to go to the link. Looks interesting. I wonder how I'd react, (my system) to the raw chocolate. I wonder if I'd get a caffinine buzz from it. One of the reasons I stopped eating refined sugar was go get away from that buzz that was getting too pronounced in my head. Not a good feeling. (same as the sugar) so have had neither since Jan. 08.
And of course it has helped tremendously in my loss of weight from 145 to 128 lbs currently. ;-)

Elspeth said...

Congrats. I know you were trying to lose the weight. I guess you have a whole new wardrobe.

Andreamuse said...

My diet has been out of control since I've been traveling and at the mercy of everyone else's food!! But I need to be stern when I get back in a few days and I am taking your cake dream as a sign! :)

Hi!! I miss you!

Elspeth said...

I miss you too! When I saw that you had commented that was my first thought ... and then I read it and realised that you had the same sentiment.

Kris Loya said...

your raw food has been spinning in my thoughts a lot lately.
I want to make some.
Will u join me for a raw meal someday soon?
Thanks for posting the kaur snatam version here. I have it on the laptop still but for some reason i can't play songs without them being horribly distorted even on websites and this one is playing just fine.

miss you.

Anonymous said...

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