Thursday, September 4, 2008

Will you do me a favour, sil vous plaît?

(I say s'il vous plaît in honour of the fact that French classes started back last night. I am now in Level 3A).

Click on the link (to the top of the side bar on the right) that says 'Click here to e-mail me' and send me a test e-mail.

I want to see if it works and to know what you see when you do it. Someone told me once they were trying to use it and every time they clicked, another female name would come up (e.g. Amanda) and they would actually get into Amanda's e-mail inbox.

Then recently someone said she was sending me an e-mail with some information and I never got it. When next we communicated I reminded her to send it and she said she had sent it, using the e-mail me link from the blog. But clearly it never got to me.

So I just want to know if (a) you see my name/email address popping up when you click on that link and (b) I want to see if your e-mail gets to me.


1 comment:

GirlBlue said...

Congrats on entering level 3

I'll have to do the email thingie when I get down to my normal computer, for some reason this one does not automatically go to my email to open and I don't want to mess with anyone's pc