Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pulp cookies

I intended to make 'crackers' the other night using carrot and poi bhaji pulp (left over from juicing), along with a few other ingredients. I rolled the pulpy mix into small balls, then flattened each pulp ball by hand into a circular shape. I'm not sure if they were technically crackers since, after dehydrating them for about 4 hours, they were not crunchy and crispy ... they were more like chewy pulp cookies with a rough texture, which I love.

I ate the pulp cookies in two ways:
(i) I snacked on them by themselves, which was very pleasant, both texture and taste-wise. One ingredient I had added was dates - so every now and then I would bite in and, amidst the savoury carrot/tahini taste, would get a sweet date burst.

(ii) I also ripped them up and tossed them with salads to add an interesting texture.



Lynn Cohen said...

You have the most unusal and interesting diet.
And I think if I had time or took time to make what you make I'd enjoy them too.
but in the mean time I just enjoy the ingrediants separately.

Loved your comment about my gd enjoying her drawing on the quilt.
I responded on my blog.

Anonymous said...

These photos make me want to taste them!