Friday, September 5, 2008

My first raw crackers

One from my first batch of (dehydrated) raw crackers.

Ingredients: lentil sprouts, tahini, onion, flax meal.

They are light and crispy and taste quite good.
Sealed in a ziplock bag to keep them crispy.


meadysmusings said...

Hey Elspeth but technically something like this isnt 100% raw is it? I mean you didnt boil the lentils? Or if not how can the lentils be edible in this? I can see it like for fresh pigeon peas or something as it does be soft? Of did you soak it? I know the original pulses when fresh are like how we get pigeon peas I once read in a novel bout a guy shelling channa from a tree in India and eating some raw. In a current book Im reading the topic of being raw came up and it has me thinking to try it for 3 wks or at least a wk if I start and cant make. But Im wondering if I start and do it wrong if Ill harm myself more than anything else...hmmm...can you suggest some menus? But in my case I wont have much prep the book when they did it it was for a healing detox reason...and I find it sounded very incomplete like the first day they had lemon juice, grapefruit juice then ate all the bananas they wanted till lunch then had two salads etc...sounds very diff from your stuff. The man in the book chose to do it with his ill son...and he lost 10 pds in the 3 wks...I coudl do with weight loss but I also wanted to do it to feel less congested or something...liek I feel my body calling out to try it too..any hints?

meadysmusings said...

Whoops just re-read and saw it was lentil sprouts! So I guess you still get protein from the sprouts?

Elspeth said...

Yes, lentil sprouts. And here are two links you might find useful:
(an overview)



Elspeth said...

Oops, the other link was too long to appear. I'll e-mail it.

Lynn Cohen said...

Looks good.