Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My first Amazon Wishlist

Early morning at Macqueripe
Yesterday I left home before dawn to go and help my friend Emilie with an early morning experimental video shoot at Macqueripe. Upon returning home I was so absorbed in writing my French novel that I forgot to blog.

However, I did take time before my (unusually) late bedtime to make one small addition. If you look to the right you will see an Amazon Wishlist. The books aren't listed in order of preference ... just in the order in which I added them. I may add more in time.

I was inspired to create a wishlist when Girlblue added one to her blog some time ago. It looked like something exciting to have. I already have a Cosmic one posted on the intangible Universal webpage ... but this Amazon one is for anyone who feels inspired to buy me a gift for Christmas or a belated birthday gift or a "just-felt-like-giving-you-a-gift" gift at any time of the year.


Lynn Cohen said...

What a fun thing to do, have a wishlist for others to gift you from! I hope all your wishes come to fruition! What is the children's book about I love you? Am I reading that correctly? High school French was so very long ago!

Elspeth said...

It means "Guess how much I love you."