Thursday, November 13, 2008

You can be like Obama

Everyone who is inspired by Obama and wants to be just like him, here is one great way to follow in his footsteps. You too can adopt a 'mutt' from a shelter.

The little wandering gypsy puppy in the above shot is a good start. She was found by a kind soul, taken in, fed, taken to the vet for worming and spaying ... and is ready to be adopted.

Please call 486 7017 if interested in giving her a loving home.

She is clearly a grateful and affectionate dog. Look at her long tongue, gently licking the hands of the kind one who rescued her.


Andreamuse said...

hee. I have such a crush on Obama and when he made that comment about the shelter dog I just melted! :))

Kris Loya said...

i agree with andrea! Thanks for posting about the doggy i hope we find a home for her soon shes too cute!