Friday, November 21, 2008

Veronica gets her house today ... and what about us?

Faith makes all things possible.
Love makes all things easy.

- Dwight L. Moody -The Dream Trees when they were small.

Today is the handing over ceremony at which Veronica and her two children will get the keys to their new home. In a twist of synchronicity, tonight is also the night that Invisible the Dance will compete in the Best Village finals at Queens Hall (from 6:30, for those who wish to be there).

The Veronica's House initiative began in January 2008 with the seemingly impossible task of Katie (my production assistant on the documentary (Invisible) - who soon after had to return to Toronto) and I deciding to build Veronica and her children a house. People told us: "Great idea, girls, but ... that's a huge undertaking! You all know anything about building a house?"

Even with 'obstacles' (for a very long while not much support financially or physically) there was never the feeling that this was impossible. It would be long winded of me to go into details of the entire process, but suffice it to say, there is indeed an Invisible (pun intended) Force that moves us and moves with us, pulling the necessary elements together when something is to be manifested.

Earlier this year when I made the Dream House window lamp, it was primarily to promote the cause of building a house for Veronica. However, I felt that rather than it just being about her dream (a house), it would be even more powerful if it was about our dreams too.

I had said back then that the day Veronica gets the keys to her house is the day that something special will happen for all of us who placed our dreams into the Dream House Window Lamp ... (dreams thereafter planted with the Dream Trees featured above - now MUCH larger than they were back then).

So ... today is a very special day. Not just for Veronica and her children, but for all of us who trusted/trust our dreams to the Invisible Force.

The 'seemingly impossible' task of what started as 'two girls setting out to build a house' is now AN ACTUAL HOUSE (thanks to help from the Invisible Force and Habitat and anyone else who came on board along the way).

Have no doubt that our dreams are manifesting big time also.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations and much blessings to you and all who participated.

Anonymous said...

inspiring and powerful elspeth....very very well are awesome!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Spec on your Faith, Hope and Love.

Lynn Cohen said...

I am happy for Veronica and her two children. Thrilled that you were able to pull this off in less than a year! Amazing really. What proof that we can do anything we set out minds and hearts to do.
I hope we get photos of them going through the front door. And the trees will grow, and the love will grow and and and...we all grow from your love and perseverence!
Shalom, Amen. Hallahluyah!
There is nothing invisiable about YOU Elspeth!