Monday, November 10, 2008

Think Pink, Feel Pink, Be Pink

In the pink - two meanings: (i) in very good health (ii) naked
Pink - Romance, love, friendship, femininity, truth, passivity, good will, emotional healing, peace, calming, affection, emotional maturity, caring, nurturing, sweet tasting, sweet smelling, ethereal, delicacy.

Excuse the 'decapitation'.
For my whole life I've disliked the colour pink. It was the colour I associated with horrible tasting childhood medicine and clothes I wouldn't want to wear. My colour was blue. However, to my amazement, within the past month or so, pink is the colour I feel most drawn to (more so deep pink). Pink jumps out at me everywhere, no matter how large, small, pale or intense ... and whenever I see it I actually feel something physically - a distinct vibration emanating from it- embracing, surrounding, warm, shimmering, magnetic. I feel like I need to have it near me or around me in some form, to soak it in.

On Saturday my friend Cherrymoka and I ended up in the toy store in Long Circular Mall, looking for Bubbles. All day I had been feeling like I needed to be wearing something pink. So when I spotted this pink garland in the toy store for $8 I purchased it. Having it around my neck felt like wearing the pink vibrations. I wore it home that evening from the toy store, wore it to a meeting on Sunday morning (to discuss the next video job/project I have to do) ... then to HiLo afterwards ... and to teach my yoga class later. (Quite fitting, as we were working on the heart chakra and pink is related to the heart chakra).

I wasn't wearing the garland in order to be noticed, but people noticed it ... and it was interesting observing the varied responses.

At the meeting
The woman I was meeting asked me about the garland. I told her it's my new favourite colour and explained the feeling of the vibrations. She seems like the kind of person who would understand ... and asked me what 'pink' means symbolically. I told her basically pink is Love. No pun intended, but she seemed 'tickled pink' by it all.

At HiLo
A security guard called out to me: "Dahlin, ah like yuh flowers!" I said thank you and went into the supermarket. When I was reaching for a pack of spinach, a little girl nearby was pointing out my garland to her mother and commenting on it - perhaps wanting one too? Then a priest from Mt St Benedict stopped me and started talking, with his eyes on the garland. "Rather bright!" he exclaimed. He stood there speaking about the facets of the garland for a few minutes, ending by saying it was 'Refreshing!' However, several other people (adults) were casting curious glances at me. I guess they were wondering: "Why is she wearing a pink garland in HiLo?"

Why not?

At Yoga
My yoga students loved the garland. One student (who I went to pick up to take to the class) saw it as she got into the car and said: "Oh! How lovely! If only I knew where my multi-coloured one was, I would wear it too!"

She went on to tell me that her favourite colour is turquoise (which happened to be the colour of her yoga bag). Then, just like how I'm feeling about pink, she said it's the first colour that jumps out at her when she sees it amidst other hues, that she feels vibrations coming from it and that for her, it is a colour that fills her soul. "The colour we are drawn to gives us what we need," she said.

What colour are you drawn to?


Wuzdescene said...

I have to admit .... Pink IS my favourite colour .... its just so girly and soft .... and I'm kinda girly ... I have one of those garlands too .... the multi-coloured one .... never thought of wearing it tho .... I mean .... in real life .... I really bought it to do craft with my friend's 6 year old daughter .... like to tear it apart and use the flowers .... but we never did .... its still in one piece .... and still pretty as ever :-)

Elspeth said...

I know pink is traditionally seen as 'girly and soft' (and I've never been 'girly', which is also why I probably never felt for pink before) ... but now that I do like it, I see it as 'radiant and loving'.

Have fun wearing your multi-coloured garland 'in real life' if you do.

meadysmusings said...

Actually when I saw you are pink on facebook I was wondering...I thought you were following the American Breast Cancer Month one month late...or Trini was following fashion and having that month too one month later...? They use pink and the pink ribbons...and I know it was last month as Intent was celebrating it a lot. I think I might have some magazines for ya...

Lynn Cohen said...

I love this story and all the reactions you got from wearing your pink children's toy garland!
Amazing how different people reacted to it. What is HiLo anyway?
I picked out a turquoise shirt to wear today. I look good in greens.
I also sparkle in red but don't have a lot of that color in my woredrobe.

I'll have to pay more attention to the vibrations.

I have a pink/silver scarf in my Etsy store I just opened. Do come by to the grand opening when you get a chance. TextileArtByLynn it's called and it's on my blog now! You are invited! ;-)

Elspeth said...

Meady - never been one to follow fashion. And sure, bring on the mags, I need them for the project.

Lynn, I popped by your store. Congrats. Pink scarf is nice.Unfortunately of no use here, though ...

Elspeth said...

... and HiLo is a supermarket.

Kris Loya said...

Welcome to the pink side.
Pink makes me so happy sometimes i squeal.

did u find pink earrings? i will be making several pairs of pink earrings to sell for christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.I don't wear bright colours at all. I'm most drawn to browns and shades of green...and white. Wonder what that suggests about me?? :)

Elspeth said...

No, Webgirl, but I got a deep pink t-shirt - same colour as the garland.

Anonymous, I would say those colours might suggest you're down to earth, natural, simple ... or that you're in the army! ;)

Anonymous said...

nothing is more amusing than reading how your reactions have been..thanks for the laughs.

i guess my favourite colour right now is green and white.. i fine the white always makes my skin colour stand out (high yellow).. like i'm glowing..

the multi-coloured garland would not have been a good look. anyways nice read.


Andreamuse said...

oooh, I like those flowers! I'm often drawn to sea-green!