Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wuthering Maracas

In the life guard booth at Maracas
On Friday I went to Maracas with my friend Tamara. Our last jaunt, as she returns to Toronto tomorrow. It was a grey day and the waves eventually got so huge that they were coming up the beach and partway up the little red plank leading up to the Life Guard hut where we were 'camping out'. One English tourist even thought we were life guards and asked for advice on where he could swim and what the red flags meant.

I love the colours in the above photo. Moody and windswept, like the tropical, ocean version of Wuthering Heights. I was thinking that ... then googled Wuthering Heights and found the Youtube video of Kate Bush's song of the same name, which I used to love. Ironically, the colour scheme is very similar to that of my Maracas Day photo.


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely colors in this photo. Do hope you did not go swimming. Red flags...hummm..might just mean danger?? DUH!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

gosh, isn't she beautiful! I love the video... so alive!!!! Heidi