Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Decision (re Pod)

The determined Jasper is finding ways of getting out of the house ... in full hunting mode. Luckily I saw his first attempt earlier and managed to catch him before he made his way to Pod's bush.

It crossed my mind this morning to take Pod to Detta's ... because of her fragile state, weak, labouring breath and because of Jasper's determined efforts and increasing displeasure with having to be confined. Plus, I will be traveling next week and Pod may not be airborne by then.

When I called Detta and told her how Pod was breathing, etc., she said that even though the parents were still around, she probably wasn't getting enough nutrients. She advised me to feed her mashed fruit, spiders (although now that I'm looking for spiders I can't find any) ... and to bring her in to WORC as soon as I can today.

There she will get secure round the clock care and will be released when it is time.

I'm going to give her some fruit and then take her in.

God speed, little Pod.

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Sehraeuber said...

it's good to know, that Pod is in helping hands :)