Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My wish for Pod

(l to r): Water on wall from pipe, Jasper, leafy car mat, Pod's bush

I let Jasper come out onto the driveway this morning. He headed straight for Pod's bush - like an arrow to a bullseye. How does he know that she's there? Can he smell her? Is it special feline intuition? Hunting radar?

I don't know how quickly these baby birds usually develop, but Pod seems to be taking a while. She has definitely advanced since the first day I found her (more feathers, slightly fuller body), but she's still small and somewhat fragile-looking. She must have been the runt.

She sits on the branch of her shrub (about two inches off the earth) and doesn't seem to move, other than blinking her eyes. When it rains, she shifts slightly along her branch and goes under one of the leaves for shelter. When I go near to her she doesn't react with any fear. She simply turns her head very slightly to look at me and sometimes instinctively opens her beak, thinking I'm bringing food. Even if I lift the leaves of the bush to look for her, she doesn't seem to be disturbed. Is it that she is peaceful and trusting ... or is she not well and has slow reflexes? I've never even seen her trying to flap her wings (as her bigger sibling, Pal, used to do when she was still around).

My wish is that Pod develops quickly and is soon able to go off on her own. I don't like keeping Jasper confined ... but I also don't like that once he's outside he heads straight for Pod.

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