Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spec's specs

I've got a new perspective on life

The other day I was on the computer for extra long periods of time over a period of days and my eyes started to hurt and feel strained. I decided to go and get them tested, thinking maybe I should get glasses to help ease my eyes for computer use. The eye test determined that I have 20/20 long distance vision - but I require a +1 prescription for close reading. The optician recommended progressives.

I then discovered that for some reason my laptop screen was turned up at its brightest. No wonder my eyes had been hurting. I turned down the screen, reduced computer time to get some eye rest and in a day or two my eyes were feeling normal again.

When the glasses were ready, the man at the optician's called me and said: "Your specs are ready for you." (Funny, since "Spec" is what my friends call me).

So ... I now have my first ever pair of 'specs'. I went for simple red frames. They're light, comfortable and don't look or feel alien. In fact, I like them. But because I can still read without them and therefore don't really need them ... I keep forgetting that I have them.

The few times I've worn them to try them out (like now as I write this), I've realised that they will take some getting used to. Being progressives, only a certain part of the lenses are the +1 prescription. I have to keep tilting my head or shifting the 'specs' up and down my nose bridge in order to find the +1 part.

I guess I'll use them as the optician suggested - when reading for a long time or on the computer for extended periods, so as not to overwork the eyes.


Lynn Cohen said...

These look very close to the specs I wear all the time. Being quite a bit your senior I have NEEDED the progressives (all three parts) for some time. Mine are also red, no frame across the bottom and very very light weight. Welcome to the starts............

Elspeth said...

Great minds choose similar 'specs'.