Sunday, June 14, 2009

True Happiness

This is Life's promise to me .. picked out of a jar at a friend's party last night

(A friend sent this to me this morning):

The Universe has three answers to your requests...

1. Yes

2. Yes but not yet

3. No because something better is coming along



To some extent number 3.

From my insignificant experiences, I have been realising the very fact that if we want something out of this universe, universe will give to us, sooner or later. Most of us don't know how to want or what to want.

Or we want so many things at the same time. We are weak and all confused. we are all chasing after happiness, alas, there is nothing called happiness or sadness. it is one and because of illusion this dualism exist. The more we happy, the more the sadness inflict in us in a quicker way and vice versa.

What is true happiness?

To break the shackle of wants, this want, that want, those want.

Sorry, but sometimes these type of phrases like happiness etc make my heart beat faster and all those things inside come out like a volcanic expulsion.

Elspeth said...

No need to apologise. It's great to express.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love it when my life is full of happiness, and it certainly helps to ease the pain when sadness befalls me. A balance in life is what I strive for...not that it can always be controlled.
And that third affirmation of no, because something better is coming my way is a standard in my mind always. If not this, something better is coming!
Want not, have not. Nothing wrong with wanting...glad to be content with most of what I have in life now too.

a happy camper

Anonymous said...

Sharing is one of the aspects of true happiness and sharing true happiness found in jar here is indeed one of its kinds. Wise answers stated by universe/your friend (sure, later and better). God Bless You.