Friday, June 26, 2009

Pod's interracial relationship

Pod on her branch
Photo: Detta Buch

Apparently Pod (blue tanager) and the green tanager have been competing with each other for food. Both of them are voracious. When not being fed, they keep far from each other. The green tanager has not left the nest ... and Pod spends most of her time perched on a branch, keeping away from her room mate.

But given a little time, see how things can change ...
Photo: Detta Buch

Yesterday evening Detta called me to say that when she came home she headed straight for the cage to check on the birds. In the dark she couldn't see Pod. She fished her hand around and didn't feel her, so went to get her torchlight. The sight that met her eyes was a total surprise. See the above photo: Pod and the green tanager nestled in a bundle next to each other, fast asleep in the nest, keeping warm and cozy on a cold, rainy evening.


Lynn Cohen said...

very sweet...thanks for sharing

LoLa said...

This makes me feel so good this morning!