Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday I was wearing one of my Canada t-shirts when I went to the cinema. A tall man heading in my direction stopped me and said pleasantly: "Hi! Are you Canadian or are you just wearing the t-shirt?"

I sincerely felt my heart say 'yes' (to the first part of his question), but since it's not 'true' in a factual nationality sense (i.e. where I was born/citizenship), I said "I love Canada."

His face immediately lit up: "I'm from Calgary!"

My face also lit up. "Canada is my favourite place." (At least as far as I know right now)

"Thank you!" he said and we nodded and went our separate ways.

Just as I walked off, a friend called me on my cellular. We spoke for a while. As we were closing the conversation, she said to me "So what time are you leaving tomorrow for Cana ..." then she stopped and said "I mean, Tobago?" (I had told her earlier that day that I wouldn't be able to attend a play she's in tonight because I'll be in Tobago - working, not playing). "Why would I be thinking Canada?" she laughed.

I told her about the Canadian man I'd encountered just two minutes before.

"Sun, that's a sign," she said. ("Sun" is her nickname for me).

About five minutes later, another friend (the travel agent who booked my ticket to Canada this summer and extended it when I decided to stay on) came up to me. As we walked into the cinema, she said "So you're not going to Canada for Christmas?"

I said to her: "You're the third person in about 5 - 10 minutes who has mentioned Canada to me!"

"Something there is calling you," she said matter-of-factly.

As always.


The villager: said...

One of the best things I know about Canada is Ron Sexsmith - the singer/songwriter.

Sweet said...

I Love Canada.
Just reading your post made me think...sometimes when I go to the States people will ask me if I know so and so from Canada or Toronto. I laugh a bit at this.

Lynn Cohen said...

That was a lot of sycronicity.
Now if Kelly had been the first to comment....


Tammy-Jade™ said...

My little brother goes to Maple Leaf and he just came back from Canada (His school took part in "Model UN", about two weeks ago)

He told my mother on the phone the night before coming home, "Mom, I could really live here, thanks for sending me to this school." (Maybe because he could have gone to Fatima which was the school he passed for after writing the S.E.A exam and my parents at the last minute decided to send him there because they felt he'd have more opportunities.") If he wasn't at MLS, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to visit.

He said the people are friendly and the place is clean and beautiful. He also said, he didn't miss home (Scary, but true)

Now, you two, have me interested in Canada, I've never been.

Tammy-Jade™ said...

P.S- I forgot to say, if piece of your heart is in Canada, you should go find it, even if it's for Christmas.

P.S.S- After being away at school then coming home, I feel like, my home is somewhere else, besides Trinidad, not necessarily Miami, but moving to Miami somehow made me realize Trinidad may not be the place, I am supposed to call "home".


It happens often in life this type of incredible coincidence. I think you like India also. I have heard some of your songs and find some touch of Indian music and raga in it. 'In the Garden' I like most.

Elspeth said...

Subhajit, you're right - I feel I would like India. It's one of the places I want to go to. And yes, my music always has an Indian mantra type feel to it, without trying. Maybe I was Indian in another lifetime.

Tammy, yes, go and visit Canada and see how you feel.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Anonymous said...

She is a relentless suitor. I believe she is just going to keep waiting for you...and occasionally giving you these nudges and reminders! :)