Saturday, November 14, 2009

Evolution of the Window Lamp

Sunlight (passing through the 'filter' of the part of the lamp I worked on today) writes on the floor

This current window lamp is taking shape quickly. As of today, all 20 words are complete. The process required a lot of hammering, some flexibility, sweating and took me at least two hours.

Because these windows are so old, some of them are damaged and in need of repairs. Mending them feels like performing surgery. Working on the physical window is like intuitively working on aspects of the new owner's energy/essence (... and, by extension, mine and that of whoever encounters the lamp).

Today I made a major physical adjustment to the window. I removed its shaky central cross, resulting in it becoming a large, open frame. This was the removal of an inner blockage, something that was not in alignment, thereby allowing energy to flow (in and out) through a clearer channel.

As soon as I removed the 'blockage', I realised that the window had already served its purpose in this process and is not meant to be an actual part of the finished lamp.

Even without the actual physical window, can it still be called a "window lamp"? Yes, it still has the essence of a window. The main part of the lamp (which I worked on today and which is made of a different material) is the portal for the light,

(To be continued ...)

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