Monday, November 16, 2009

What the Lamp is

Today you will understand the main concept behind this current 'window' lamp.

According to this dictionary, a lamp is:
1.a. A device that generates light, heat, or therapeutic radiation.
1.b. A vessel containing oil or alcohol burned through a wick for illumination.
2. A celestial body that gives off or reflects light.

3. Something that illumines the mind or soul.

Based on this definition, Nicole's lamp is (among other things):
#1 a. Therapeutic radiation
#3. Something that illumines the mind or soul

It is not meant to be a reading lamp.

A friend of mine was spot on in a comment she wrote for me about the last lamp update:

"Spec, the fragments of light look like braille, kinda in sync with having to feel what the lamp may be trying to say at this point. Lovely!"


How blind are we all in the darkness of mind or soul, prior to illumination (enlightenment)? In requesting this lamp, Nicole wanted to consciously see her way regarding the 20 things she listed as wanting to change/incorporate in her life. As you will remember, I wrote 20 words in response to Nicole's list of 20 'needs'.

I made contact with Steve, a blind man. I asked him to type out the 20 words for me in Braille. Inspired and excited by the words, he wholeheartedly did so.
Clarity and Self Love

On Thursday 12 November I went to the Blind School in Santa Cruz to collect the words from him. Then, using a hammer and instrument for making holes, I transcribed each of the Braille words onto a thin sheet of metal. Light passing through these holes inscribes the essence of the words in the atmosphere and on the person/people who are present.

I'm sure you are beginning to understand that this lamp (like all the others) is about intention, vibrations and essence.

As with every lamp. there will be a launch. Anyone reading this (who would like to attend) is invited to have the experience when it is time. Those who live abroad and would like to have the experience, I will find a way for you to do so.

This will be the last update on this particular Lamp until further notice. Thank you for keeping up thus far.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. This is the second post I've ever read from you that included Braille in it.