Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Light of Intimacy

Outdoors working on the lamp this evening. Note the Braille words "written" by the light rays of sunset, through the lamp and onto the wall of the house.
As of this evening, the window lamp Nicole H. ordered is almost completely finished. All that's left is to add the actual light fixture.

In other news:

1. I changed my mind and ended up using the actual window after all. However I did make a few minor adjustments and a simple addition.
I noticed this little heart today on the right side of the lamp.

2. Just before working on the lamp this afternoon, I heard a phrase in my head: "In to me see" ... which alerted me. You may have already heard "in to me see" as another way of saying "Intimacy". The name of this lamp is therefore INTIMACY.

"Intimacy/In to me see" fits perfectly with the Braille theme ... sensing more than what is ... trusting enough to venture beyond the surface and explore new depths (and heights). The light of INTIMACY guides, gently illuminating and enlightening.

The launch of INTIMACY will be a simple, intimate gathering ... with some unexpected touches.

Date/time/venue will be announced once the lamp is complete and I have worked out specifics.


Unknown said...

Intimacy / In To Me See

Beautiful :)

Lynn Cohen said...

finding that heart is wonderful
love the words in braille on the wall and the in to see me theme too. Wow, wow, wow.