Sunday, May 23, 2010

As Above, so Below (snippet's of Kamla's speech @ rally)

Snippets of Kamla's speech at the People's Partnership Rally, Aranguez Savannah, 22-05-10

I recorded some of Kamla's speech yesterday with the video function of my little digital camera. This short Youtube clip features snippets of it. Over 80,000 people are estimated to have been present at Aranguez Savannah. Despite the large volume of people, it was such a peaceful event. No pushing, no shoving, no violence. Respect and unity were not just "words". Everyone who wanted to pass through the space where my friends and I were standing would politely say: "Excuse me, please."

Observe the large heart-shaped cloud toward the end. Says it all.


The below prayer was written by a member of the public (Aanya Jags) on KPB's Facebook wall. The writer has asked for it to be shared:

Heavenly, loving and merciful God, I come to u to give u thanks, thanks for life, your guidence and protection, and for all your small mercies. Lord you alone know the challenges that we the citizens of Tnt face on a daily basis, Lord i ask you as our nation will undergo a critical election tomorrow, i ask You dear Lord to please let us be granted freedom, from dictatorship of our present leader and let Ms. Kamla, all leaders and candidates of the People's Partnership emerge victorious, Lord you alone knw wat is best for us, You have heard our cries and pleas for help. Lord i beg that Ms. Kamla, all leaders and candidates of the people's partnership be granted favour in your eyes dear Lord.. and may proceedings on election day be done with your divine intervention, let it be a calm and violent free day. Remove all negative and evil forces that may surround us each and everyday.. Bless our citizens and leaders, candidates, families and friends and prime minister in waiting with good health, guidence and protection and, strength, peace and love,and prosperity And lord please guide everyone so that they make the right choice.. In your precious name i ask these mercies.... Om shanti, shanti, shanti/Amen

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What a beautiful prayer.