Friday, May 7, 2010

Hot off the E-press: Daisy Chain

Thank you for your interest in Daisy Chain. This first edition gives you the "as is" stream of consciousness experience in e-book format. You can now purchase and download your copy by accessing (see above). From tomorrow I will place this Daisy Chain embed into the side bar.

Once on the Daisy Chain page at, please read the blurb provided. You will see simple guidelines on how to download your e-copy after purchase. The file is protected (DRM), so if you don't already have the software, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions (it's free and easy to download).

Prior to purchasing, if you would like to read extracts, simply click on the "Preview" link under the image of the book cover.

For those who enjoy holding a physical book in their hands, stay tuned for information on the second edition of Daisy Chain which I intend to create as a hard copy art collectible book.

To be kept up to date on Daisy Chain and my other creative projects (featured on this blog), simply sign up by inserting your email address into the subscription form provided in the side bar.

Thank You.



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