Thursday, May 27, 2010

I accidentally deleted my old Twitter account

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The other day, while trying to set up a Twitter account for Daisy Chain, I accidentally deleted my Nowiswowtoo Twitter account. Initially I wasn't going to bother to set it back up, but after a few days, I did. As with everything, it has its uses.

I was unable to reuse my old account name, so the name of my new Twitter account is

I'm sorry if you were "following" me or if I was "following" you and you no longer see me. I've found some people, but not all. (I'm not too keen on that word "following", but I guess that's the lingo).

If you look in the side bar, you will also see that I've set up a Twitter account for Daisy Chain I intend to update it often as I work on the second edition for print.

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