Saturday, May 22, 2010


Next week I look forward to hearing that The Honourable Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar is our new (and first female) Prime Minister.

Extract from Kamla's speech in Tobago: "Tonight, I want to remind you that to make a difference you have to vote. And to those of you who have not yet decided, all I ask is that when you mark the X, vote your hopes, not your fears and think of your children and grandchildren. They can’t vote yet but they will inherit this country one day and it’s up to us what they inherit."

(The below info was received via an email this morning. If you are eligible to vote, please note).

ELECTION DAY: Monday 24 May, 2010

Please remember to:

o Secure your ID card and keep it with you.

o If you are awaiting your ID card walk with your (pink slip) receipt.

o Take your EBC polling card to vote (would be received in the mail).

o Ensure you have transport to take you to the polling station.

o Vote EARLY before 12:00 noon if possible.

o Check the Weather Report for Election Day and walk with an umbrella should
it rain.

o DO NOT get impatient or frustrated with the lines at the polling station.

o DO NOT leave the polling station unless you vote.

o Once your name is on the voter’s list insist you vote even if you don’t
have your ID card.

o Create a list of the telephone numbers of family and friends you will be in
touch with to ensure they go out to vote before and on Elections Day.

o Send this email to as many persons as possible.

o Every VOTE counts!


The voice of Kamla Persad-Bissessar (leader of the People's Parternship and Prime Ministerial hopeful) with the music of local band Orange Sky

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