Friday, May 14, 2010

Please deVOTE

One of the special ballot papers from deVOTE (2002)
For the 2002 elections I didn't vote. Instead, I held my own public elections. The interactive piece I created (deVOTE) was a symbolic voting booth (made from the window of an old house) complete with Universal candidates, special ballot papers, a large ballot box, voting ink and daily newspapers (in which members of the public wrote their thoughts, comments and feelings after deVOTING:

The Guardian Angel (
The Express Yourself (
The New Day (

I moved this art installation to a few different areas of the country. Wherever it went, people deVOTED:
Central Bank Auditorium (in the concourse)
Queen's Park Savannah (on stage at the Peace Rally a small committee and I had organised)
Mt. St. Benedict

When it was all over, I counted up the ballots. LOVE won (landslide victory) and HOPE came second.

The premise of the deVOTE elections and the candidates is summed up in the first two paragraphs of this press release that was issued at the time:

Trinidad Guardian, Sunday 22 September, 2002


Wherever you go, you will always be a citizen of Your Self. Are you the kind of place you want to live in? Are you the kind of person you want to vote for? As a Citizen of Your Self, artist Elspeth Duncan is inviting the public to come and deVOTE in the deVOTE Booth, a three-dimensional interactive art piece.

The piece uses political symbolism to encourage people to look inside for their true Leader and realise true power lies in the Universal "candidates" listed on the special ballot paper.

Eight years later, these Universal candidates are still up for election: FAITH, REBIRTH, GUIDANCE, HOPE, JOY, CLARITY, LOVE, LIGHT TRUTH, PEACE, UNITY.

Don't wait until May 24th 2010. Vote them in now.

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