Friday, May 21, 2010

This is not a paid political announcement

History in the making.
As of next week: Our New (and first female) Prime Minister

Please click here for
Voting guide

1) If you have not received your poll card and are registered to vote you still can vote; please take a government issued ID with you to the polls.

2) The People's Partnership ballots have ONE of the following symbols on the ballot -- UNC or COP or TOP. You are voting the People's Partnership when you place your X next to UNC or COP or TOP.

3) By law, you are allowed to ask for two more ballots if you make a mistake. Share this information with friends, please.


Lynn Cohen said...

Good luck in this election. Good of you to get the vote out!!! Is it sexist to comment on what an attractive woman this candidate is? Well, she is!!! I am sure she is equally intelligent and worthy of the office if you are supporting her.

Tammy-Jade™ said...

I didn't have to wait till the 24th to decide. I think I always knew. :-)

Elspeth said...

That's not sexist at all, Lynn. And yes, she is most worthy of office, as Tammy's comment below supports.