Monday, May 31, 2010

What to do with that limp, soggy banana

When bananas get limp, with black spots and have an overripe taste, what can you do with them other than throw them away, compost them, give them to birds or make banana bread?

Today I experimented with what turned out to be an elegantly spicy dessert concoction. It warranted seconds, but I had made just enough for one serving.

I'm calling it Banamangocococardaberry.

One chilled Julie mango, peeled and sliced
One soft banana with black spots (remove skin)
2 tablespoons of grated dry coconut meat
Three cardamom pods (burst them open to get the black seeds within)

1. Blend the Julie mango, banana and coconut in a small food processor or blender until they become one unified pulp
2. Put the resulting mixture into the bowl from which you will eat
3. Sprinkle the cardamom seeds and cranberries

You can either mix the seeds and berries into the pulp or leave them as a design on top.

Serves one.


Lynn Cohen said...

Looks nummy. Your bowl is pretty too. ;-)

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