Friday, October 15, 2010

Ask me a question & contribute to Daisy Chain

The fine tuning of Daisy Chain has been an interesting and involved process. Nothing was changed in terms of content, but there were words and phrases which, although not "wrong", are all the better for having passed through my editor, Jeanne Mason. She is currently not based in Trinidad, so for the past while, we have been back and forth via e-mail, tweaking and tightening. We are on the final stretch—and I now understand why people have editors. It's like pruning a tree to produce a stronger, more attractive plant.

The only part of Daisy Chain which I'll change (in terms of content) is the vignette entitled THE AUTHOR, ELSPETH. Much of what I wrote in the introduction for this version of Daisy Chain was originally contained in that vignette. So, rather than be redundant, I've decided to write something new for THE AUTHOR, ELSPETH.

However, for some reason, I am sticking on this vignette, with no idea what to write. In keeping with the involvement of blog readers in aspects of the writing of Daisy Chain (e.g., blog readers suggested three of the female names toward the end of the novel, which helped when I was racing to complete the 50,000 words for the deadline), I am giving you the opportunity to contribute.

1. Ask me any question you want. Anything you want to know about me—simple or complex. Your questions will be answered in the section of Daisy Chain entitled THE AUTHOR, ELSPETH.
2. I will only answer questions left as comments on this post. (One question per person)
3. Since I don't know how many questions will be asked (and I don't want this vignette to be too long once questions are answered), I will select only some of the questions. This will be done randomly, placing the questions in a hat and choosing 5-10 of them. To be transparent, I'll get someone else to do the random selection.
4. If your question is chosen, you will be credited, so write your name after your question as you would like it to appear in the novel. Questions without names will not be considered.

Final date for submitted questions—Sunday 17 October 2010

Thank you for your contribution.



Patrice Charles said...

What is the secret to your creative success? - Patrice Charles-

Renée said...

What do you live for?

Anonymous said...

Why is it important to be a global citizen?

Carole Anne said...

At this point in time, in one paragraph, describe the path you are on.

Unknown said...

If you could take one material thing, inanimate or living, to heaven with you... what would that be? ...and of course why ?)
treva flower

Onyka said...

How and where do you draw inspiration for your creative masterpieces?

Unknown said...

And a follow-up;) If you, like me, don't follow all the rules... you'd go to hell instead right? how would that affect what you take?
treva's little devil

Anonymous said...

What do you desire most? and why do I desire desirelessness ~Baida

Barbara said...

How do you know which path to choose?


Anonymous said...

Who are you? How do you define yourself?
- Oboro

Elspeth said...

Thank you for your questions. The answers will be in the printed copy of Daisy Chain in the chapter entitled "The Author, Elspeth". Entries are now closed.

Unknown said...

Elspeth for some reason I saw this late. It got lost in my mail box:-( Still asking a question even if it is not considered:-)
What is your biggest fear?
- Wizzy

Unknown said...

Hi Elspeth
Any update on when your book will be out? Christmas is here, time to shop for presents :)

Elspeth said...

It's looking more like Jan 2011